Thematic Group Markets and Products

Märkte und ProdukteDuring the process of generating and evaluating a product idea, important decisions need to be made as early as possible - chief among them, the fundamental decision of whether to enter the project phase or to scrap the idea. If a project actually is initiated, its progress will be marked by a continual weighing up of several parameters - development time, product quality or project costs are just a few examples one could mention. Similarly important is the careful consideration of patent and approval issues. Depending on the target market, different requirements will need to be fulfilled. Having to deal with unfamiliar cultures can often bring additional difficulty to these processes.

Only in very rare cases, a manufacturer is able to master these complex and diverse challenges on its own. Therefore, reliable, professional partners and the sharing of information with other companies are increasingly becoming factors that contribute to success.



  • Idea management
  • Product development
  • Design and usability
  • Quality management
  • Financing and reimbursement
  • International markets



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