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Partnering for MedTech & Pharma

Partnering for MedTech & PharmaInnovations in the health care sector are realized through the interdisciplinary collaboration of different branches as well as through successful cooperation

The International Partnering for MedTech & Pharma offers a perfect opportunity to get into contact with promising actors from the medtech and pharma field via bilateral meetings.

Every two years 150 - 200 innovative medtech, pharma, IT- & service providers as well as relevant suppliers from several countries meet to collaborate to mutual commercial benefit.

Example Partnering for MedTech & Pharma


Feedback from our participants:

Dennis van Dijk, Nijdra Group, Netherlands

"This is the third year I attended the international Medtech & Pharma Partnering in Garching. As previously at this event, I am astounded by the high quality of meetings with international participants. The partnering gives me a good view of the international market (new technologies and introductions), but also provides valuable cooperation opportunities!"

Geert von Bergen, KMWE Eindhoven, NL

"The event team dealt highly professional with the organization of the B2B meetings. Therefore, I was able to expand the useful contacts I already made last time and had many efficient meetings with interesting new German suppliers and providers. I got into contact with international network organizations from MedTech Pharma. It was a wonderful day with brilliant catering in a typical Bavarian atmosphere."

Christian Steer, DUALIS MedTech GmbH

"The Partnering for MedTech & Pharma is an excellent opportunity to identify trends in the medical technology sector as well as to look for new ideas and networking possibilities. If you are working on a project and you are seeking for the right partner, you will find him here during this day. For me a successful and well organized event."

Andreas Oyrer, CEO of CDE GmbH, Germany

"For us as a service provider for software and medical app development, this event was highly successful. The quality of the meetings was convincing and I was able to contact decision-makers from leading companies. The event format is recommendable and I am looking forward to the next event in 2017."


How it works:

1. You can register in 3 easy steps by entering your company profile, the data for the participating person and your cooperation interests.

2. Registered participants will be able to request unique individual business meetings with other participants (each meeting has duration of 30 minutes).

3. Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled.

4. Shortly before the event, each participant will receive a personalized meeting schedule via E-mail by your event team Forum MedTech Pharma

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