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Education and Further Education

Further EducationOne characteristic of the medical technology industry is the high degree of complexity and the interdisciplinary collaboration between different occupational groups associated with it. If the medical technology industry is continuing to produce highly innovative products and Germany consolidates its leadership role, companies will have need for qualified staff with high technical expertise and further education programmes will need to be provided.

The improvement of further education ranks among the central tasks of the Forum MedTech Pharma. As a first step, the existing educational and further educational status of employees in biotechnology and medical technology firms was determined by a representative survey.

Conclusions resp. recommendations: Improve the opportunities for continuous education and training in the areas "knowledge of legal requirements", "management know-how" and "technical know-how". The involvement of associations and institutions is also welcome.

In the field of education, Forum MedTech Pharma has supported projects including the setting up of the first independent course of study in (bio)medical technology in Bavaria, at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (beginning in 2009/2010). Two Bavarian universities are also being supported in the setting up of medical technology-related courses and a list of all corresponding courses will shortly be published on this website.