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The CENTRAL EUROPE project InTraMed-C2C (Innovation Transfer in the medical sector from clinics to companies) initiates and moderates the transfer of innovative product and process development ideas (innovation potential) from clinics to companies (especially SMEs), R&D organizations or other institutions. 

Completed Actions
  • Access to clinics and companies have been established by all partners.
  • Project Partners have organized introductory and pilot innovation workshops with clinics and companies.
  • A database was developed and is now online for sharing innovative ideas.
Implementation Phase
Pilot innovation workshops, participants from all participating countries:University clinics, hospitals, small clinics, specialized clinics; Patent and marketing agencies; Technology Transfer Institutions; Companies; Research and Development Institutions etc.

TOPs of the workshops
Presentation and discussion of innovative ideas; Non-disclosure-agreements (NDSs); Follow-up meetings; „The role of the project partner is to work as mediator between the different expectations and as a translator between business and healthcare.”

Tools developed in the project
Database with public and non-public (protected) section; each innovative idea is actively managed by project partners.
Transnational Innovation Transfer System: The link between innovative ideas (e.g. in the database managed by project partners) from one country can be realized by companies/R&D from another country. This transnational approach will be established within the project.

The Project will help to
  • Establish an innovation network in Central Europe
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs for the cooperation in the healthcare sector
  • Strengthen territorial cohesion by active involvement of participants

Project Details

The Medical Technology Cluster submitted the project proposal "Innovation transfer in the medical sector from clinics to companies" (IntraMED-C2C) within the Central Europe Programme, which is part of the European Regional Development Fund ERDF. In November 2009 the proposal was approved. Under the leadership of Forum MedTech Pharma and Bayern Innovativ a consortium of 10 partners from 7 European countries will transfer ideas of the clinical routine to the industry.

Project budget: 2.13 Mio. €

Project duration: 36 months (04/2010 - 03/2013)

 Medical Innovation Database

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Newsletter InTraMed
Report Final Conference, March 19, 2013, Cracow, Poland

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