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Bavaria as a location for medical technology

Medical technology is one of the most important drivers of the Bavarian economy. The state is home to the enterprise and expertise of over 530 innovative, mostly medium-sized firms and their approximately 30,000 highly qualified employees, giving the region a leadership role in medical technology in Germany and in Europe.

Over 60% of Germany's production of electrical medical devices and around 30% of the country's entire output of medical technology products takes place in Bavaria, with an export quota of around 70%. An outstanding location for technology, business and health care institutions, Bavaria also boasts a top-class medical-clinical infrastructure.

As a consequence, Bavaria is ideally placed to go on to develop further innovative, cutting-edge products and consolidate its position of leadership.

Excellent conditions for businesses - the advantages of Bavaria as a location


Top-class medical-clinical infrastructure

Bavaria uniquely combines "hard" location factors, such as a wide range of services in patient care, with "soft" ones: 400 approved acute hospitals, 58,000 doctors, 11,000 dentists, 285 care and rehabilitation establishments, 62 renowned spas and health resorts.

Key Technologies in Bavaria – the companies’ database

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Medical technology - cluster regions in Bavaria


The greater areas of the metropolitan regions of Munich and Nuremberg have established themselves as leading centres of expertise. The regions of Regensburg and Würzburg, too, rank as top-class centres for medical technology.