Key Messages

Over 800 experts out of 15 different countries in Nuremberg 

BMBF-Symposium 'Medi-WING' as an integral part of the programme

Innovations in efficient diagnostics and highly effective therapy

Prof. Dr. Michael Nerlich Innovations are the key to success for therapeutical, economic and business success in medicine. Therefore, innovations must be forwarded and supported by appropriate measures and obstacles of innovations should be identified and minimised. "Innovation in Medicine" was the key message of the opening speech of Prof. Michael Nerlich, chairman of the board Forum MedTech Pharma.

Over 800 participants out of 15 countries came to the congress "MedTech Pharma 2010" in Nuremberg. Three parallel series offered the latest knowledge in the area research and development.

Exciting high-tech-solutions for different medical fields of application were presented in the series "Healthcare Electronics & IT". Bernhard Mumm from TomTec demonstrated highly developed software measures for the movement pattern of the cardiac activity combining image data of several different examination methods like ultrasound, computer tomography, MRI. 
One of the very different projects presented by Prof. Schmitz-Rode of the RWTH Aachen was a miniaturised heart-lung-machine with small system volume that can be used with newborns.

Bernhard MummProf. Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Rode Prof. Dr. Bernd Krieg-Brückner Dr. Stephan Jäger Britta Fünfstück

The second series "Personalised Healthcare" focussed on individualised diagnostics, therapy and monitoring. Prof. Krieg-Brückner demonstrated an impressive live broadcast to the Bremen AAL Laboratory, an apartment with large AAL functionality and voice control of the medical devices. One prerequisite of the personalised medicine are functioning biomarkers for a precise diagnostic. Therefore, Roche Diagnostics is working on a better interlinking and optimization of development processes of biomarkers, explained Dr. Stephan Jäger.

Dr. Michael KuhnThe Symposium "Medi-WING" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) added two further theme series to the congress. Britta Fünfstück from Siemens showed the mutual impact of molecular imaging and the medical device industry. She presented amongst others BrainPET, a combination of MRI and PET for the cranial examination. Dr. Michael Kuhn from Philips Healthcare presented a completely new imaging technology "the Magnetic Particle Imaging" which can open up.

Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter LukasIn the concluding plenary session, Prof. Wolf-Dieter Lukas, Director General of the BMBF, emphasized the significance of the healthcare sector, which should not be seen primarily as a cost trap, but as an economic factor. In the form of an interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral interaction platform, the congress made an effective contribution to the future success of the medical field. Furthermore the large exhibition made an essential contribution with over 100 exhibitors and the additional BMBF poster session.

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