New Business Models for Digital Healthcare

Monday, October 8, 2018
, 09:30 - 16:30
P.E.G. - DIE AKADEMIE Kreillerstraße 24, D-81673 München

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The impact of “digitalization” on our daily activities has been overwhelming. Big and small enterprizes in the industry, including the MedTech- and Pharma-Segment, are forced to speed-up their initiatives. Along with new technical possibilities that become mature and affordable, new threats and opportunities arise. The value chain will shift from a product centered to a service centered approach, forcing traditional manufacturers to search value in services and data. This requires an urgent increase of knowledge about digitalization. In the future, patient and healthcare data will become extremely valuable, but an even bigger challenge lies in capturing this value. More and more medical services will become cloud-, AI-, or VR-based. Medical care will shift from inpatient care to outpatient care and to home care while, treatment shifts from one-size-fits-all to personalized. With this, future changes to existing business models and probably even completely new business models will be required.
This interactive day will highlight the changes and opportunities. In small workshop-groups, we will moderate breakout sessions, based on the inputs presented before. Participants will get a better understanding of emerging technologies and how they can enable the potential business impact in the MedTech- and Pharma-Industry.


Ann van Mele heads the business development team of Verhaert Medical. She holds a MSc. in electromechanical engineering and is passionate about innovation embracing the unknown and co-creation.

Zane Smilga has more than 15 years experience in the area of innovation management. Currently she manages the competence center of innovation-business engineers at Verhaert New Products & Services. 

Bart Penninger thrives in fast paced international environments, and heads the medical program at Verhaert New Products & Services, which groups medical device development projects, ranging from point-of-care IVD instruments to novel surgical tools.

Hans Günter Boldt (Ph.D in Chemistry) has many yeras of experiences in Innovation and R&D management, Hans Günter thrives in interacting with companies on their challenges, his authentic consultative skills brings it down to human aspects to get the innovation projects moving and challenges & problems get resolved.

Admir Kulin As CEO and founder of m.Doc GmbH, Admir Kulin is responsible for the overall direction and development of the young company. He is a specialist for the healthcare market, digital health platforms and is known for his innovative ideas and business models.

Time Speaker Title
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 Dr. Frank Miermeister
Forum MedTech Pharma e.V.

Welcome - Introduction - Agenda


Bart Penninger, Hans Günter Boldt
Verhaert Medical

Presentation: New Technical Possibilities change the MedTech Industry

End-to-end Digitization initiatives in companies, overarching product value chain and go-to-market, will bring radical changes in how businesses are organized and how technology will help in this change.

The MedTech Industry is confronted with increased pressure on growth and profit margins as healthcare providers and payors seek cost containment amongst other. With the advance of new technologies Industry 4.0, which holds data and analytics at its core, offers a solution to increase value for both, MedTech Industry and their customers.


Ann van Mele
Verhaert Medical

Presentation: Behavioral Change

User adoption of new therapies and surgeries is blocking medical industries innovation. Integrating nudging concepts to help users change behaviour is a new challenge for becoming successful in these breakthrough innovations

Digitalization in healthcare has an important impact on the behavior of people. Consumers expect a lot from healthcare these days. Much like what they experience in the retail and consumer goods world. They want an easy, seamless, individualized experience. Becoming more consumer centric is no longer a luxury, it´s a necessity.



Impact on my Products, Market, Customers and Business Model

More demanding customers and emergent technologies, they both impact the MedTech Industry. This offers opportunities but at the same time external or internal barriers are preventing us from pursuing those opportunities. During the workshop a framework will be offered on how to assess the impact, which is then applied to the participant´s markets and business models.

12:15 bis 13:00 Uhr Lunch Break


Admir Kulin
m.Doc GmbH

Presentation: Challenges and paradigm shifts in the healthcare industry

Insights in health 4.0: Data, not products or services will be the new value creator core.

Digital technologies not only determine our daily lives, they change and influence business models, the handling and exploitation of data, competition and questions of data protection and sovereignty. As an indispensable part of the health care system they can create win-win situations and real value-added business models if mature patients meet customer-oriented providers.
13:45 Discussion  

14:15 Uhr Coffee-Break / Networking



Data-Driven Business Models to Consider

The workshop will revolve around providing a way on how to consider data driven business model innovation. A blueprint method will be of-fered and explained after which we will put the method to work by tackling a case together.

16:15 Uhr Wrap-up and Farewell