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Company / Institution Sekisui Diagnostics GmbH
Address Kaplaneigasse 35
64319 Pfungstadt - Deutschland

Fields of activity:

Die Produktpalette umfasst komplette Testsysteme und Reagenzien für Forschung und Diagnostik in den Bereichen Blutgerinnung, Fibrinolyse, vaskuläre Biologie und vaskuläre Medizin, sowie Krebserkrankungen. Besondere Schwerpunkte des Angebots sind:


  • Tissue Factor (TF) und Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI)
  • ADAMTS13 Produktlinie: ELISAs und Aktivitätstest
  • Lupus Antikoagulans Diagnostik: z.B. DVVTM und dPTTM Test 
  • Diagnostik bei Brustkrebs: FemtelleTM uPA/PAI-1 ELISA


Unser Service für Sie: Das Team der American Diagnostica GmbH hat langjährige Erfahrung in der praktischen Laborarbeit. Wir beraten Sie kompetent, sorgen für schnelle Problemlösung und bieten Unterstützung bei wissenschaftlichen Fragestellungen. Als zusätzlichen Service stellen wir Ihnen gerne aktuelle wissenschaftliche Fachinformationen zur Verfügung.


Today’s healthcare professional has a challenging job. You need to deliver quality, cost-effective test results that support patient care and effective outcomes. Accurate, reliable diagnostic products and instruments from Sekisui Diagnostics can help you deliver the quality results doctors, patients and researchers expect in a fast, cost-effective and responsible way.

In the United States and Germany, you can purchase selected products directly from Sekisui Diagnostics. You can also purchase our products through distributors around the world.

Our broad product line includes:

  • Clinical chemistry systems and reagents
  • Coagulation systems and reagents
  • Infectious disease rapid tests, LINE immunoassays, ELISA kits and instrumentation

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Sekisui Diagnostics works with you to help you improve patient lives by providing:

  • Extensive product and instrument knowledge - With medical laboratory scientists and product specialists on staff to assist you, we provide product evaluation and field applications assistance.
  • Exceptional technical support – Our highly trained staff of medical laboratory scientists and product specialists are available to answer your product questions and to provide field support for more complex issues. We offer the extra level of support that is very important in today's healthcare environment through our extensive disease state knowledge and understanding of laboratory management challenges. For the rapid test product line we also offer health outcomes tools.
  • Training
    • Systems- We offer key operator courses at our customer training centers as well as onsite laboratory training to enhance expertise and confidence in running our systems.
    • Infectious Disease- We offer key operator courses at our customer training centers as well as onsite laboratory training to enhance expertise and confidence in utilizing our products.
    • Rapid Tests – We offer in-service training and in addition, online multilingual modules to help get your staff up to speed quickly on proper test procedures.



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Research & development Joint venture
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Laboratory services Support with patent application
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